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Waterproofing the British Embassy in Algiers

As a waterproofing specialist, our work will often take us to interesting places, however when we received an email from OSI Contracts in regard to works at the British Embassy in Algiers, this was the first time we had been involved in an overseas project. Having been recommended for the project to OSI by Ultra Membranes, who were supplying all the materials for the Embassy, we were happy to take on the challenge.

When waterproofing an existing basement, there are always challenges to overcome, both in the design and installation. Often your choices can be limited and having the right knowledge and experience is the only way to ensure the system is installed successfully.

Peter Barber CSSW, our head surveyor and Managing Director, took the lead in the design. Peter has been working in the damp proofing and waterproofing industry for 40 years and started London Waterproofing Solutions Ltd in 2014. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience and since LWS started trading, he has built the company to its current position, establishing its reputation as a leading waterproofing contractor in London.

With this project based overseas, the waterproofing design was produced off plan following a number of Skype meetings and emails with the team at the Embassy. These detailed discussions enabled Peter to produce a robust design and ensure that some of the trickier areas were addressed and specified correctly.

The original plan was for the Embassy’s own team to install the system, however as they had no previous experience with doing so and this being a large project with so many potential issues, it was decided that we would send one of our own teams over to manage the installation.

Our lead technician, Jon Barber, was requested by the Embassy team having met with him on a visit to one of our live sites in the UK. Jon has extensive experience and problem solving skills in the waterproofing industry, recently achieving the PCA Qualified Technician status in structural waterproofing (PCAQT). He was also a nominee for Employee of the Year at the recent PCA Awards 2017, partly due to his involvement in this project.

Teaming up with Jon was our Project Manager, Sam Edwards. Sam also has extensive knowledge in various areas of the building industry and has been involved in the management of our teams and projects since the company first started in 2014.

The works began on a Monday and were completed by Thursday, this was no mean feat given the size of the basement, over 100 sq m of floor membrane and 250 sq m of wall membrane had to be installed, along with twin pump systems and drainage channels. The project presented several challenges, including training the labourers on site, working with poor quality substrates and the heat, which was 40°+ on most days. Both Jon and Sam were able to draw on their wealth of knowledge and experience, ensuring everything went smoothly from start to finish and they left site on the Friday to return home with the customer 100% satisfied. You can view pictures of the project in the gallery below.

At London Waterproofing Solutions, we apply the same quality of design and installation to all our projects, whether it is a small Victorian cellar, or a large new development. This project gave us an opportunity to really showcase the skills of our technicians and designers. If you are interested in waterproofing your basement, why not give us a call on 020 3794 4200 or request a survey via our contact form.

Works at the British Embassy Algiers
Jon Barber PCAQT
Jon Barber, PCAQT
Sam Edwards Project Manager
Sam Edwards, Project Manager
British Embassy Algiers Sign
Waterproofing the British Embassy Algeria
Outside the British Embassy Algiers
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