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Preventing Groundwater Flooding: Actions to Protect Your Property

Protecting your home or business from groundwater flooding is important, especially if you live in areas more prone to it. Groundwater flooding can occur quickly, for instance during times of heavy rainfall, or over a period of time if the water table gradually rises. It can cause damage to any items stored in your basement, as well as electrics if it is not properly protected.

Preventing flooding of any kind is vital, but knowing how best to protect against groundwater flooding can be difficult. Here at London Waterproofing Solutions, we look at the most vulnerable areas and the methods you can use to protect your property from groundwater flooding.

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Tips to Beat Winter Groundwater Flooding in London

Winter is here, which means that most people are preoccupied with shopping for Christmas. It’s supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, and yet many homeowners are unaware of the hidden threats to their homes.

When people think of flooding in London, they imagine the River Thames overflowing. However, there is a greater risk to London properties. Groundwater flooding can happen slowly, with the water table rising over days, weeks, and even months.

The last thing you want in winter is to discover groundwater flooding into your home, and here at London Waterproofing Solutions, we have everything you need to protect your home and spot the early warning signs.

Check out our tips on beating winter groundwater flooding in London.

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Groundwater Flooding in Basement: Questions & Answers

There are different types of flooding, but one that many cities across the UK are struggling with is groundwater flooding. Homes in London, particularly in Hammersmith, Fulham, Southwark, and Wandsworth are the most affected by it, with rising groundwater levels causing problems.

The issue is that many people don’t know enough about groundwater flooding to act against it. News articles about flooding focus on river flooding, but groundwater acts differently, and the preventative measures against this type of flooding aren’t as effective against it. Here at London Waterproofing Solutions, we answer the most common questions about groundwater flooding.

 Get your questions answered by London Waterproofing Solutions.

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Early Warning Signs of Groundwater Flooding

Flooding is a concern for many homeowners, especially when autumn closes in. For a number of people, the focus is on surface water flooding, where a sudden increase in river levels can lead to burst banks or waves and spray can cause coastal flooding.  Groundwater flooding, however, is an ever-present danger that homeowners and businesses need to be aware of. It has a much slower rate, sometimes taking days, weeks, or even months to happen, and can last for just as long.

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The British Embassy - Algiers

PCA 2018 Project Of The Year Award

We were proud to win this commendation for the Project of the Year category at the 2018 PCA awards. This was given for a challenging overseas waterproofing project at the British Embassy in Algiers.

Read more about the award here.

The British Embassy - Algiers

Delta Membranes Installation at Seven Sisters Road

A large development of studio apartments suffered groundwater ingress well into the fit out phase of the project. Working with Delta Membranes, we installed a cavity drain waterproofing system to ensure the area was dry and ready for re-installation of the internal finishes.

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The British Embassy - Algiers

Waterproofing the British Embassy in Algiers

This is the first overseas project we have been involved with and took a lot of careful planning during the design stage. Our lead technician, Jon Barber and project manager, Sam Edwards, traveled to Algiers to carry out the installation and ensure everything went smoothly.

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PCA Awards Presentation


Highly Commended at the PCA Awards 2017

Having recently become a full member of the Property Care Association (PCA) we were extremely proud to have received a commendation for outstanding customer service at this years’ awards.

As a company our dedication to customer service and receiving this accolade really helps to show our customers’ how much we value them.

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